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    Professional Legal Courier Services

    Document delivery you can rely on!

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    Process Serving

    Our reliable process server team delivers legal documents to individuals, companies and legal representatives within Ontario, in accordance with the local process serving rules of civil procedure.
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    Court Filings

    Our dedicated legal support team completes the court filings process in the shortest possible time and delivers consistent and assured services, irrespective of the type of assignment.
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    Legal Searches

    Our professional and experienced support team has been offering legal search services to individuals and corporations in Ontario at quite reasonable process serving prices.
    private courier company

    Private Courier

    We are the perfect last-minute RUSH legal document server for legal firms in Ontario. Our private courier services are dedicated to those who require speed and peace of mind.
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    A Professional Courier Whenever You Need One

    Our Legal Courier Service is Here For You - 24/7

    Professional Courier Service

    Facing legal disputes and handling legal concerns can really take a toll on your time as well as money. In such a case, all the documents involved in the proceedings can be really crucial to the case and so they need to be managed timely and with the utmost diligence. However, the best way to ensure that all your documents reach the right place at the right time is by hiring our professional courier service.

    If you are involved in legal matters that requires documents to be dispatched or delivered on a constant and reliable basis, then seek our professional legal courier service we promise you have your documents delivered as needed.

    Document Delivery Prices That Make Sense

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    We would be happy to help you with you with delivering your legal documents. We offer our services at very affordable prices and our client are always satisfied with us. Wingmann Process is your professional and reliable private courier in Ontario.

    When you place an order with us, we create a route that will get your documents delivered in the shortest time span possible. We work with utmost professionalism and assure you of a prompt delivery with every order. We take pride in being a reliable legal carrier and we understand the urgency of the documents that you will be sending.

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    Rush Process Service


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    • "I have been using Wingmann since I first started my practice. I find their document filing service to be reliable and their prices to be competitive. They are exactly what any employment lawyer needs, someone knowledgeable and who gets the job done on your schedule."
      Private Document Delivery & Legal Courier Services Date published: 06/12/2016 5 / 5 stars wingmann courier legal support services Wingmann Process - Private Document Delivery & Legal Courier Services

      Camenzuli Workplace Law

    Benefits of our Legal Courier Services

    Our experienced professional courier staff works hard to assure you only the best possible service, right from dispatch to the delivery. We realize how important a timely delivery of your legal documents is to you. Our drivers are well versed with the Ontario region and that makes us the most trusted private courier service in Ontario.

    As a legal carrier in Ontario, we specialize in rush deliveries as well, wherein, you will receive a signature confirmation at the point of drop off. We fully understand the sensitivity of the information, and assure to deliver the documents on time, be it to a firm, courthouse or an individual. Other legal documents that our professional courier service assures to deliver may include contract copies, courthouse filings, child support information documents, and more.

    A Legal Carrier That Goes The Distance

    Offering Document Delivery Services to All of Ontario

    The Best Private Courier Service

    Security. Our document delivery is highly confidential.
    Reliability. Document delivery will be completed on time and to the right person and place.
    Speed. If you need a fast legal carrier, we guarantee prompt delivery.
    Experience and professionalism. We have been a legal carrier for enough time to know exactly what you need and how you need it done.
    Convenience. You can easily track your mail with our legal carrier service.

    CALL US today and allow one of our staff to assist you with our legal courier services.

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