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    Court Server & Legal Filings Service

    Your Reliable Court Filing Services Company

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    Process Serving

    Our reliable process server team delivers legal documents to individuals, companies and legal representatives within Ontario, in accordance with the local process serving rules of civil procedure.
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    Court Filings

    Our dedicated legal support team completes the court filings process in the shortest possible time and delivers consistent and assured services, irrespective of the type of assignment.
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    Legal Searches

    Our professional and experienced support team has been offering legal search services to individuals and corporations in Ontario at quite reasonable process serving prices.
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    Private Courier

    We are the perfect last-minute RUSH legal document server for legal firms in Ontario. Our private courier services are dedicated to those who require speed and peace of mind.
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    A Reliable Court Server Whenever You Need One

    Serving Court Papers 24/7

    Court Filings Service

    We provide prompt legal filings in Ontario and across the country. Not only that, we keep in touch with Court Supervisors and Court Managers so that you are always aware of the position of your court filings on a real time basis. This will help you continuously monitor the status of court filings. We have a highly committed and dedicated court server force that completes the court filings process in the shortest possible time.

    Our wide range of Court filing services covers all aspects of common legal documents. These include Summons, Complaints, Petitions, Answers, Motions and Proposed Orders, Dismissals, Defaults and Proofs of Service. This list is just a sample of the documents we file and is not fully exhaustive. Contact us for full details.

    Legal Filings Prices That Make Sense

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    Serving court papers is an essential part of any court case. We will make sure it is carried out properly and on time. We offer our our services at very affordable prices, so if you are looking for the best court server in Ontario, it is Wingmann Process.

    Ever court server on our staff attends different court institutions all over Ontario on a daily basis. We are very familiar with the court system peculiarities and technicalities. That is why we provide one of the best court filing services in Ontario. Call us today to get started.

    We started our service working with the best Family Lawyer Vaughan and we have now expanded our service coverage to all of Southern Ontario.

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    • "I have been using Wingmann since I first started my practice. I find their document filing service to be reliable and their prices to be competitive. They are exactly what any employment attorney needs, someone knowledgeable and who gets the job done on your schedule."
      Court Server and Legal Filings Services Date published: 07/05/2016 5 / 5 stars wingmann courier legal support services Wingmann Process - Court Server and Legal Filings Services

      Camenzuli Workplace Law

    Court Server & Court Filings

    We are a leading firm for serving court papers and have extensive experience in court filings and legal filings. This includes E-Filings, fax filings and copy services. We have the professional expertise to expedite and meet challenges of even the most demanding clients for court filing services. The excellent service provided by us is the sole reason for our growing list of clients.

    Depend on us if you want to move court filings quickly and precisely. Our technologically advanced proprietary electronic file and court server system is supported by specialist teams that ensure quick court filing services. Additionally, get the average Confirmed Copy the next day by mid-morning or directly in your mail box. That’s the level of efficiency assured by us.

    A Court Server That Goes The Distance

    Providing Court Filings All Over Ontario

    Serving Court Papers

    We offer flexible options for Court Filing Services. These include a very professional monthly retainer service that lets you avail our court server services whenever required. You get the benefit of same day and next day legal filings in different court jurisdictions at no additional cost. Or, if you so need, we will customize solutions for serving court papers on a daily service retainer to match your specific needs.

    Our experts with knowledge of local courts will make sure that your documents comply with rules in your jurisdiction. This will ensure that legal filings are done accurately and successfully. Our streamlined workflow process makes uploading of your documents to our server very easy and simple. This will save you time and effort and on our part facilitate serving court papers.

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