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Legal Document Services

Your Reliable Legal Document Server

legal document server

Process Serving

Our reliable process server team delivers legal documents to individuals, companies and legal representatives within Ontario, in accordance with the local process serving rules of civil procedure.
reliable legal document server

Court Filings

Our dedicated legal support team completes the court filings process in the shortest possible time and delivers consistent and assured services, irrespective of the type of assignment.
legal document preparation company

Legal Searches

Our professional and experienced support team has been offering legal search services to individuals and corporations in Ontario at quite reasonable process serving prices.
legal document preparation

Private Courier

We are the perfect last-minute RUSH legal document server for legal firms in Ontario. Our private courier services are dedicated to those who require speed and peace of mind.
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A Document Server Whenever You Need One

We are your 24/7 Legal Document Server

Court Document Server

If you need a dependable and trusted legal document server in Ontario, Wingmann Process should be your first choice. Our document server team will carry out assured delivery personally at either the party’s place of employment or residence. This is proof that notice of preliminary legal action has been initiated by an administrative body or court and that their notice has been served to the party. It helps the defendant to know about the details of the case and when to appear in court for proceedings.

When we offer legal document services, you can be sure that it will be one of the best in the field. We even scrutinize and proof read documents prepared by third parties, edit third party agreements and provide a second opinion, all without you having to spend time on these issues.

Legal Document Services at Prices That Make Sense

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You can save money and avoid complicated legal procedures by hiring us to prepare and serve different kinds of documents for all legal needs including divorces, legal separations, child support and custody, step-parent adoptions, name changes, bankruptcy, wills and trusts, etc.

Wingmann Process offers the services of document server including court document server and legal document server. We will make sure that your documents are completed, served and filed at the right time, at the right place and in the right manner. We guarantee complete confidentiality and quality work.

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  • "I have been using Wingmann since I first started my practice. I find their legal document services to be reliable and their prices to be competitive. They are exactly what any human rights lawyer needs, someone knowledgeable and who gets the job done on your schedule."
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Legal Document Preparation

The main focus of our legal document preparation services centers around drafting legal pleadings, discovery documents and those related to pleadings for the review of trial attorneys. We also draft complaints and summaries, responsive pleadings, answers and summons. Our backup services include analyzing and organizing legal information and maintaining them in a well documented process.

Entrust all your legal document preparation to us while you focus on the more important core activities of building client relationship and business expansion. It will reduce your operating costs too as you do not have to hire highly paid lawyers specifically for this activity.

A Legal Document Server That Goes The Distance

Offering Legal Document Services Anywhere in Ontario

Professional Document Server

The work of a court document server is very important in legal jurisprudence. When any entity is sued in a court of law, a notice laying out the details of the case with the time of appearance has to be served on the defendant giving sufficient time to prepare for the process. It is a copy of the actual paperwork filed in court and our document sever will “serve” it to the other side.

Our Service is crucial due to the fact that by law it is mandatory that a third party court document server not connected with the case serves all notices. Depend on us for reliable and assured document server services and call us today to learn more about how our legal document services can help you.

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